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Fundraising & Events

Throughout the time that Genesis has grown to the business it is today, we have also been keeping in touch with the community. Many events that mean so much to the Oklahoma people have been sponsered by Genesis Testing Lab.


Amy's Fight Towards Cancer 2021

On our Office Manager's, Amy, 51st birthday she decided she wanted to make a difference. She found a organization called StBalricks, which is a non-profit org that helps kids fight against cancer. Throughout the process of us raising money, Amy also decided she wanted to shave her head to show even more support towards the fundraiser. We raised a bunch of money to help kids with cancer, something no one should have to go through.

Harvest Fest 2021

Harvest Fest is a cannabis culture music festival based out of Camp Copperhead. This festival invites everyone that has anything to do with cannabis business to take part. A fun get away for the day or stay overnight and enjoy the festival for the many days its open! We loved this festival because of the fun enviroment it brings to cannabis in Oklahoma which is why we decided to sponsor it!


Cowboy Cup

The Cowboy Cup is a cannabis festival based out of Oklahoma. This event comes with countless fun activities such as live music all the way to glass blowers, live art, and food trucks. This event takes place over a span of 2 - 3 days. Cowboy Cup is a very important event to the cannabis community which is why we always love to show out support and sponsor these events.

OCIA 2021

Shangri la Golf Tourny

OCIA 2021 was a networking event for our members and customers in the cannabis industry. There were seminars on cannabis topics and a gold tournament that spanned over several days. Genesis sponsored hole 3 of the golf tournament.

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